• ≥ 5000 Puffs

    Long-lasting Ultrasonic Chip

    According to lab test, one Ultrasonic Chip can last more than 5000 puffs which is much longer than a regular coil. Vape more, save more. Never mind trying to excel.

  • Pioneering TRF Design

    The One and Only Top-Rotate Filling Design

    Say goodbye to mess filling forever.

    Be ahead of your need, be ahead of the game.



E-liquid Filling


Press the pod lock on both sidesand rotate the mouthpiece anticlockwise by 90°


Fill e-liquid through filling holes. Mind the MAX line.


Rotate the mouthpiece clockwise by 90° until it is click locked. Wait 10 minutes for fully saturated.

  • Clean Taste

    No Coil, No Mess, Never Burnt

    Simply assure you an intense and original taste from liquids

    Allowing you a no-mess relaxing vape time.

  • Simple Change

    Magnetic Connection

    Easily click in and pull out.
    It should always be this simple to
    vape on the go.

  • Consistent Performance

    Advantaged Ultrasonic Chip

    Deliver nicotine dose at consistent levels
    Indulging oneself from the first to the last puff.

    More Stable

    Ultrasonic Chip

  • Safe and Smart

    Child Proof Design and 7 Automatic LED Protections

    Thoughtful safety designs applied. Keep children from dangerous. Avoid potential risks.


    7 protections

  • Neat Style

    Portable Size Sleek and Sporty Beautifully-crafted Fancy Colours

  • 3.0 MHz Vibration Frequency
    No Coil, No Mess, Never Burnt
    Pioneering TRF Design
    ≥ 5000 Puffs
    Simple Change

  • Available Colors

  • Specs

E-liquid Capacity : 2.0ml (Max)

Battery Capacity : 1200mAh

Ultrasonic Frequency : 3.0MHz

Charging Time : ≤ 1.5hr

  • Size

Size of ZIP

Size of Pod

Length : 94 mm
Width : 34mm
Height : 20mm
Size of Pod

Length : 39 mm
Width : 34mm
Height : 20mm