1. If there is no coil, what’s inside the pod?
There is a customized ultrasonic chip inside the pod to nebulize the e-liquid which is held by cotton.

2. How to fill the pod?
Our devices are applied with simple Top-Rotate-Filling design, it is easy to use. Please look up the manual for the detailed instructions.

3. Is the pod refillable?
Yes, the pod is refillable.

4. Does the pod need to be cleaned?
No, it doesn’t.

5. Can the air flow be adjusted?
For current versions, no.

6. When do I need to change the Pod?
One pod can last about 5,000 puffs according to lab test. After a long time of consistent working, the ultrasonic chip inside would be ageing. You should change the pod when you notice the vapour is getting smaller.

7. Why should I wait 10 minutes after the first filling?
It normally takes 10 minutes for letting the e-liquid be completely saturated by cotton.

8. What would happen if I don’t want to wait for 10 minutes, and use the pod right away after the first filling?
a. The device could possibly shut down to protect itself from dry vibrating.
b. The vapour and flavour would be unsatisfying.
c. The device might stop working from a short circuit.

9. Why I get e-liquid into my mouth and what could I do to avoid it?
The spit-back e-liquid is normally the condensation. When you heard the gurgling sound while vaping, use a tissue to swing it out.

1. Does it fit for Nicotine Salts?
Yes, our device performs great with nicotine salts. Nicotine salt is a kind of weak acid-base salt, it decomposes easily at high temperature. Ultrasonic Vaping Technology produces vapour at a lower temperature which can keep nicotine salts unbroken.

2. Can I use the device with any kind of e-liquid?
Technically yes. But we prefer to recommend:
For Rhythm,
A.30/70 VG/PG to 50/50 VG/PG (with 0mg nicotine) for better flavour.
B.60/40 VG/PG to 70/30 VG/PG (with higher nicotine) for better throat hit and cloud.
For Zip,
50/50,70/30,60/40 VG/PG for better vaping experience.

1. How to power on/off the device?
Press the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds.

2. What’s the wattage of your products?
There is no concept of wattage in our device. We use Ultrasonic Vaping TechnologyTM , the vibration frequency is 2.4MHz in Rhythm and 3MHz in Zip.

3. Does the battery need to be changed?
No, the battery is built inside the device and cannot be changed.

4. How long does it last after a full charge?
Depends on different vaping habits, normally it can support around 200puffs.

5. Can I know the battery situation when I’m using the device?
Yes, please look up the manual for the detailed instructions.

6. Can I vape while charging?
Yes, but we do not recommend it.

7. Why is my device stopped working?
Our device provides multiple smart automatic protections to avoid potential risks, please look up the manual for the detailed instructions.

1. What’s the material used in your device?
The mod is made of Aluminum alloy. The pod is made of food grade PC.

2. Would my pets be bothered by the ultrasonic vibration sound?
No. The vibration frequency of our device won’t be heard by almost all kind of pets.