Reward Program

Reward Program



Join Usonicig Reward program and
start earning 300 points now!



Earn 10 pionts for every $1 you spend.
Refer a friend,Get more.



Redeem points for exclusive discounts or
your favorite products

The Usonicig Reward Program allows fans to earn reward points that can be redeemed for
Usonicig products and to earn other perks like discount,gift card!
Here are different ways you can earn & spend our awesome Usonicig Points:

Ways to earn

Ways to spend

  • FAN

    0-999 Points

    $1 Spent = 10Points


    1K-3.9K Points

    $1 Spent = 15Points


    4K+ Points

    $1 Spent = 20Points

  • 10% off discount

    500 Usonicig Points

  • Free US shipping

    on your next order

    800 Usonicig Points

  • 20% off discount

    1000 Usonicig Points

  • 15USD Gift Card

    2000 Usonicig Points

  • 50% off discount

    4000 Usonicig Points

  • 50USD Gift Card

    5000 Usonicig Points

Usonicig Reward Program FAQ

  • 1. What is Usonicig Reward Program?

    The Usonicig Reward Program allows fans to earn Reward Points that can be redeemed for Usonicig products and to earn other perks!You can win points by making purchases on the Usonicig Website or doing any of the tasks listed in the program.Feel free to redeen your points at any time or save them for a big prize!

  • 2. Who can join the Reward Program?

    The Program is open to anyone worldwide,But is limited to one account per individual,You must be at least 18 years old to purchase.

  • 3. How do I earn points?

    Firstly, Create an account on ,and sign in your website account and learn more points details by clicking “My Reward” on the background of website , Next, Click the blue “Rewards” button located at the Middle right corner of every page to earn your Reward Points.

    Secondly,You may earn points for dolloars you spend on each qualifying transaction on, including shipping charges,discounts,merchandise credits,or any rewards,some purchases may be excluded from the Reward Program,at Usonicig’s discretion.

    Thirdly,We may also,at our sole discretion,provide additional Reward points in connection with certain transactions and promotions.Some actions may require additional disclosures by you in order to qualify,Besides,you can get extra reward points here by email us your manual pending tasks.Birthday points are earned only if you provide your Birthday information at least one month prior to your Birthday Date.

  • 4. How do I spend points?

    You may redeen points upon reaching the following points minimums:

    500 Points = 10% OFF COUPON

    1,000 Points = 20% OFF COUPON

    4,000 Points = 40% OFF COUPON

    800 Points = Free Shipping

    2,000 Points = $10 Gift Card

    5,000 Points = $30 Gift Card

    You may redeem points for eligible rewards by signing into your account.To redeem points for a reward,You Must have a valid physical address linked to your account.Rewards may only be redeemed for usonicig products available.Unless expressly authorized by Usonicig,You cann’t combine rewards with any other coupon or promotion.Rewards can’t be exchanged or returned for another product or service or a monetary refund.Points used to redeed a reward will be deducted from the total points available in your member account;However,You will remain in your current tier for its entire 365-period even if you use points in your account.Points may not be used toward purchases of gift certificates, charitable items,promotional value sets,sales tax,or shipping charges.Credits from multiple accounts can not be aggregated unless authorized by Usonicig.Taxes on rewards may apply where required by law.Any tax liability,including disclosure,is the sole responsibility of the member.

  • 5. How will you use the information I provide through the Program?

    The Personal information collected from you in connection with the Reward Program is subject to our Privacy Policy.

  • 6. What are the Program Tiers?

    The Reward Program has 3 main Tiers: Fan(Tier 1), Super Fan (Tier 2) and Ultra Fan (Tier3).

  • 7. How many points from my paid order?

    Each Tier has its Own Fanpiont* Earing Rate and Rewards Points available while in that tier. Just check the Fan Tier and Earing Rate as belows:

    FAN (TIER 1):       Spend $1 and Earn 10 Points

    SUPER FAN (TIER 2): Spend $1 and Earn 15 Points

    ULTRA FAN (TIER 3): Spend $1 and Earn 20 Points

  • 8. Are the rewards I can earn always the same?

    Nope! We’ll do our best to rotate the available rewards every few months to keep things fresh. Look for new perks and opportunities popping up in your VIP tier too! (Fan, Super Fan, Ultra Fan)

  • 9. Can my Points expire?

    If you haven’t earned or spent any points in the past 1 Year (365 days), your Points will begin to expire. Stay an active member of Usonicig Rewards by shopping, referring friends, posting on social media and sharing our blog!

  • 10. Um… You still haven’t answered my question…

    Sorry about that! Email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you soon!

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