USONICIG, the innovator ofvaping devices in China, presents its new product, RHYTHM, the world’s firstElectronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) designed with its patented ultrasonicvaping technology to vaping consumers in Europe.
USONICIG Presents the World's First Ultrasonic Cigarette
RHYTHM,the world’s first Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) designed with USONICIG’spatented ultrasonic vaping technology

Insteadof burning or heating, the USONICIG RHYTHM uses ultra-high frequency vibrationat 2,400,000 beats per second to strike the surface of the e-liquid, producing vapour at a lower temperature (about 155℃/311℉) andsmaller molecular diameter, decreasing the risk of harmful chemical emissionsusually caused by burning or heating at higher temperatures (above 240℃/464℉). Using anultrasonic chip as a conductor, the “no coil” design also enables USONICIGRHYTHM to improve users vaping experience by preventing the unpleasant taste ofburned coil or cotton and dry hit.

Withthese technical advantages, USONICIG RHYTHM produces purer, smoother vapour,making it a better choice for vaping consumers who are undergoing NicotineReplacement Therapy or are looking to gradually switch from traditionalproducts

Mr.Liu Jianfu, the President of USONICIG, said, “We devote ourselves to findingnew and innovative ways of providing healthy vaping products. Introducing ultrasonicvibration technology will bring a brand-new cleaner, healthier vapingexperience to vaping consumers.

“Earlierthis year, USONICIG received an industry award, ‘Outstanding Contribution tothe Vape Industry’, from Vapouround, a UK basedindustry magazine and our first ultrasonic vaping device RHYTHM was named as ‘Innovationof the Year 2018’. We appreciate the recognition from industry professionals,and will continue to research and develop better product options for themarket.”

USONICIGRHYTHM complies with the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD), and hasobtained sales permission in the UK, France, and Germany, and is for sales onlineand local vapour shops.

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USONICIG is founded in 2014 by China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. and is dedicatedto the research and development of healthy vaping products. By June of 2018,USONICIG obtained a total of 255 patents, including 38 under the PatentCooperation Treaty (PCT), 63 domestic and overseas invention patents, 146utility patents, and 8 domestic and overseas design patents. With progress inR&D, product design, and manufacturing, USONICIG has become a leader in thevaping industry.




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