On May 26th, the UK Vaping Industry Association(UKVIA)said the British government announced on Monday that it would allow vape shops to reopen from June 15. It is a responsible approach for a lockdown of all vape shops for 10 weeks as the Covid-19 and the entrepreneurial spirit of these vape shops will help them rebound quickly after the economy reopens.

covid-19UKVIA director John Dunne said the vape industry’s response to severe conditions is both shocking and exemplary. I know that our members who account for a large share of the vape market have been providing online and home delivery services to 3.2 million vapers nationwide around the clock.

Dunne believes that when vape shops reopen, the vape industry will have sufficient conditions to meet the requirements of social distancing guidelines.

Dunne said that since the ban began, all of our retail members have taken social alienation measures, far beyond the government’s guidance. This will give users full confidence when heading to the local stores.

Dunne added that our members and the entire industry will be pleased that the shops will be able to reopen from June 15 because it will enable them to provide critical and important support to their customers.