There is nothing more annoying for a novice to find himself confronted with a problem of leakage of e-liquid. In fact, any vaper, beginner or not, is immune to this situation. Have you ever asked yourself, why is my vape leaking?

Leakage problems can be improved without replacing equipment. We have mentioned the most frequent causes and the solutions to adopt below.

First, check your atomizer. Every time you change the coil, don’t forget to do a complete rinse of the tank. Ideally, you should dismantle it completely and put all parts into water except the coil so that everything will be cleaned. Make sure there is no impurity hide in the gap, which can lead to leakage.

Don’t forget to replace the sealing ring regularly. If it has been used for a long time or broken, please immediately replace the new one to ensure the sealing effect. Generally, there are replacements in the packing box.

Changes in the environment should be taken into account. Not where you put it, but temperature and altitude. Their drastic changes can also cause fluid leaks. Clean the atomizer before you take your flight and keep it empty before you land. If you are traveling by car, there will be an elevation change; please choose the atomizer with the airflow located above, and keep the airflow closed during the trip.

What e-liquid do you choose? It’s possible that the PG VG ratio doesn’t suitable for your vape. VG (vegetable glycerin) is the element that will produce vapor; however, it is dense. PG (propylene glycol) is the element that will offer flavors; it is very fluid. Therefore, leakage may occur on sub-ohm or DL tank filled with high PG liquid. In addition to the choice of e-liquid, pay attention to the filling method: Never exceed 3/4 of the tank.

To save your time from selection and to fill e-liquid, a prefilled pod can help. Will the prefilled pod leaking? Yes, it is possible. I have seen lots of people ask why the Juul pod is leaking on Google. There are roughly two conditions.

  • Leakage starts when you take out the package: It could be a product quality problem, you can contact the after-sales service for help.
  • Leakage occurs when you are vaping: Maybe because you vape like a smoker. Try not to inhale too hard and see if the leakage will be improved.

One more tip: If you don’t plan to use the pod, put it upright.

If your vape is leaking, don’t worry; the steps above can help you. If you still have leakage problem, you should contact customer service, they will offer more professional suggestions.