According to a report from New York Times on June 3, the products of Puff Bar Electronic Cigarette Company in the United States have now quickly surpassed Juul and promoted their products in advertisements to get rid of parental dogma and pressure.If you are looking for puff bar wholesale or need puff bar bulk service, please directly check the bottom of the article.

Members of the US House of Representatives this week asked the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the fast-growing e-cigarette Puff Bar, which has quickly replaced Juul as the e-cigarette of choice for young people.puff bar wholesale VS juul bulkPuff Bar disposable electronic cigarette products have more than 20 flavors, including pinacolada, pink lemonade, watermelon and a mysterious mixture called OMG. Although the Trump administration banned the use of fruit, mint, and dessert flavors in e-cigarette replacements (such as Juul) earlier this year, disposable e-cigarettes were exempted.

Puff Bar, which was established last year, has been the main beneficiary of the vulnerability. On the basis of its early success, it added a series of flavored cartridges compatible with the Juul device, called Puff Krush.

Since last fall, Juul’s own business has been restricted because the company has restricted the variety of tobacco and menthol sold in the United States. According to data used only for tracking channels (including convenience stores and some other retailers, but excluding online sales or e-cigarette stores), Puff Bar’s sales have been stable at more than $3 million per week since April. Weekly sales exceed 300,000.

Illinois Democratic Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi also wrote in a letter to the FDA on Monday that Puff Bar is quickly becoming the new Juul. Todd Eric Gallinger, an attorney representing the company named Cool Clouds Distribution in Puff’s trademark application, did not return a call for puff bar disposable

Puff Bar website does not list the names of any company executives. Indeed, since its inception, the origin of the Los Angeles business has been a secret. Its website says: Who made Puff Bar? Everyone wants to know the team of planners behind the latest wave of e-cigarettes. Where does the Puff Bar team come from? Where are they going from? No matter where, the company will not tell you.

The only details revealed on the website indicate that the product is made in China and its flavor was developed in Malaysia.Currently, the FDA refuses to discuss Puff Bar.

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