Music can always keep us entertained and inspired. This feeling can also be strong for the vaper community. It’s always a great joy to put some music on while hitting your favourite vapes.

With a lot more people engaging in vaping, artists have begun to create songs about the pleasure of vaping or tunes that would be fun to vape to. So if you’re looking for some songs to get pumped up, here are a few songs to add to your playlist!

1.Vape Anthem by Cloud Chasers
A nice hip-hop track for the vaping community by Cloud Chasers! It raps about the vaping revolution. You might find an echo in the song.

2.Juice by Chance the Rapper
It’s got rave reviews on Youtube. It feels cool to vape your favourite juice while enjoying the upbeat, funky and uplifting tunes. Want to have a positive vibe, go check it out!

3.Angie Stone – Green Grass Vapors
It falls under the genre of R&B. If you’re looking for an relaxing vibe, it will be your thing. Let the rhythm set you free!

4.Ham$ta – Stay Strapped
This is huge hit among the vape community! The rapper talks about how he enjoys vaping and encourages proper vape usage. Play this song and get lost in the real vape nation.

Hope these vape-themed songs can give you a cool taste! There is never a limitation to the vape music list, what other songs do you want to get featured as well? Feel free to drop up your comments below.