side effects of vaping

The side effects of vaping are problems that we can’t ignore when talking about e-cigarettes. Smokers are also advised to use e-cigarettes to help quit smoking. Are e-cigarettes safe and free of side effects? If you are confused about this, we are going to weigh some of the vaping pros and cons to make you clear.

CDC claimed that the number of deaths related to e-cigarette is rising sharply, not to mention the increase in lung diseases. FDA ensured that the mentholated flavours of e-cigarettes are carcinogenic. Several U.S. cities have banned the use of e-cigarettes in public places. Are e-cigarettes hazardous? Vaping is less harmful than smoking.

E-cigarette VS Cigarette

The tar and carbon monoxide in traditional cigarettes can cause health problems, but e-cigarettes do not contain either of these substances. Besides, second-hand vapour contains far fewer chemicals than second-hand smoke. Vapers and their families are less exposed to the risks of being affected by diseases and problems related to the toxicity of smoke. However, we do not know the potential danger of e-liquid.

side effects of vaping

The danger of cigarettes is not related to nicotine. As we have mentioned above, it is substances like carbon monoxide or tars that promote cancer development. Nicotine is not carcinogenic, which is why pharmacies can sell patches or gum containing nicotine. Nicotine is seen as a monster because people confuse addiction with toxicity. Nicotine is indeed addictive, but it does not cause cancer.

Tobacco consists of many substances that are known to be harmful to teeth, especially tars. Smoking can cause yellow teeth. What about vaping? The main ingredients of e-liquid, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings are colourless. Some e-liquids contain food colouring, and these natural or synthetic colourings are not enough to discolour teeth. In most e-liquid, we will find nicotine; when combined with oxygen, it turns yellow. According to the dentist, it is tobacco that should be responsible for dental problems, not nicotine.

side effect of vaping

Side effects of vaping

E-cigarettes are indeed addictive; some e-liquids contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. Besides, too much nicotine may cause coughing, headaches or nausea, so if you experience any of these symptoms, please lower your nicotine levels.

Dry hit is one of the most terrible experience. Whether it is a cotton wick or a ceramic coil, brunt taste can occur, and the strong paste smell may trigger a cough. Don’t forget to replace the coil or switch to an Ultrasonic vaping device. Start a vaping journey without dry hit.

ultrasonic vaping technology

Dry mouth is a prevalent side effect of vaping, which is related to e-liquid. PG and VG (ingredients of e-liquid) can cause symptoms of dry mouth. If you are experiencing this, don’t worry; drink a glass of water the discomfort will be relieved.

Vaping device has a potential danger: the battery. Incorrect usage or storage methods may lead to a battery explosion and other safety hazards. In order to avoid accidents, be sure to follow the manual strictly.

  1. Place the battery in a dry, normal temperature environment.
  2. Line up batteries with all the positive ends facing in the same direction.
  3. Keep the box out of the reach of children
  4. After the battery is exhausted, remove it from the device and charge it as soon as possible to avoid accidents such as short circuit.
  5. Do not put it directly in your pocket or bag, it may contact with metal, which can lead to accidents.

We do not recommend people non-smoker try to vape. Vaping is not as harmful as smoking but not completely harmless, especially for pregnant women and children. But for a heavy smoker, vaping is indeed an excellent choice to protect you and your families.

side effects of vaping