Many new users may have the same question: how long do vapes last? You can smoke several minutes per cigarette while it’s hard to figure out how long vape can last. The factors which may affect the vape time differ from the capacity of E-liquid, the vape coil, the battery, and the frequency of your using habit.


1. How long does e-liquid last?

Let’s begin to analysis from the capacity of e-liquid. As the most common capacity in today’s market is 10ml and 30ml, we talk about how long 10ml and 30ml e-liquid can last?

The answer is it’s up to your use frequency. For example, if you want to keep the average nicotine suction volume and have a rest, you can choose to vape 2mL or 3mL a day. In this way, most people can use a 10mL e-liquid for a whole week and the 30mL e-liquid for 2 or 3 weeks.

A particular situation is if you use the lower nicotine strength than before, you may need to vape more to get satisfaction, which will lead to use more e-liquid. It’s also essential to find the right and suitable nicotine strength for yourselves. Want to know how to choose the right juice for you vape tank, click here.

Of course, vapers may want to know how long the e-liquid can be stored. Usually you can keep the e-liquid for two years if you put it in a cool and dry place. The ingredient of e-liquid is nicotine, PG and VG, which all can be stored for 1 or 2 years. The precondition is you should correctly store the e-liquid in the cool and dry place; keep the e-liquid sealed.


2. How long does vape coil last?

Another factor that may influence the vape time is the vape coil. The coil is used in the vape tank to heat the e-liquid. A new coil can be used from 7 days to 21 days depending on your vape frequency.

So do you know what situation means you need to change the coil? Don’t worry. It’s much easier than you can imagine. Several signs indicate you need to change the coil. When you vape it, the burnt taste emerges; it means the coil has burnt out. Or you heard the gurgling sound when you vape, you may also need to change the coil as the coil may wear out.

To get an ideal vaping experience, it’s better to prepare enough coil or tank to make sure you can replace it at any time. Once you have got the burnt taste or gurgling sound, you can choose to replace a new one.


3. How long does the vape battery last?

Most ecig has equipped with lithium batteries. Lithium battery has a longer lifespan. To ensure that the battery has the best start-up performance, it’s important to make sure it has an excellent first charge-ideally up to 100%. In this way, you can use the battery for a longer time. It’s better to charge the battery when it indicates you to charge, or the battery life will be reduced.


4. How long does a disposable vape pen last?

Several factors may affect the lifespan of disposable vape, such as the capacity of a disposable pod, the temperature, length of draw and vape substance.

The temperature:

If you set higher temperatures, the E-liquid may be heated faster. Although temperature control can help you control the temperature of heating the e-liquid, it can decide how long the vape last as well. The reliable temperature control can bring you a stable vaping experience and longer lifespan.

The length of draw:

If you draw longer, it needs more e-liquid to support you. More e-liquid means the disposable e-cig will be used up more quickly. Find a suitable length of draw.

Vape substance:

The vape substance you use can also affect how long your disposable e-cig lasts. Just like you can vape e-liquid or waxes or shatter, it’s not difficult to understand that e-liquid will take less energy to vape. Waxes or shatter often require a higher temperature to vape. So if you use a disposable e-cig for e-liquid, you can use it for a longer time.

ALL in all, you need to choose the right vape product for yourself and prepare enough e-liquid and coils to make sure you can enjoy your vape life whenever you want. I hope the above will help you find answers on how long do vapes last.