None Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, or Diacetyl were detected via a new type of Ultrasonic Vaping device, while in the coil based electronic cigarette with resistance, Formaldehyde can be present up to 2 µg / puff and Acrolein up to 1 µg / puff (at 14 W)’ test performed by a French laboratory. This astonishing ultrasonic vaping device, ZIP, is brought by the uprising brand USONICIG.

With innovative UVT (Ultrasonic Vaping Technology) applied to their products, the ultrasonic vaping seems an alternative method of nicotine delivery, while avoiding most of the toxic emission from heating.

Discussion on whether e-cigarettes are even healthy has become a hot topic ever since its firstborn to the world. But none have foreseen since August 2019, as an authority of the federal government, CDC had at first suspected e-cigs for causing many deaths, and then clarified and claimed that the cause of death to vapers are mostly like to be the inappropriate application of Vitamin E.

This behavior of CDC is not only started a discussion but more likely started a storm. Now what we see is tens of thousands of jobs lost in vaping business worldwide; smokers repicked their burning cigarettes along with higher risk in long cancer. People are terrified to discover any other possible method that can relieve them from the anxious of picking up the long-forgotten paper rolls.

USONICIG, as an innovation-oriented brand, although it is very new to world, it is also trying all its best to bring the world a different and hopefully healthier nicotine delivery method for those who are suffered from smoking issues, by keep providing more and more products with conveniences and safety to its user.

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