On March 10, Bloomberg has recently reported that at least in the United States, the sales of cigarettes broke the slide in the past decades, picking up in 2020, while the sales of electronic cigarettes were decreasing.

Bloomberg commentator, ‘Wealth’ magazine editorial director Joe Nocera analysis, is affected by the environment, most people stay at home and reduce opportunities of going out to entertain, pressure and boring will drive people smoking, and smokers also have more disposable income to purchase related products.

Why choose cigarettes rather than e-cigarettes, which is better to reduce the harmful effect? Bloomberg believes that the main reason is that the US mass media inaccurately even demonized reported the e-cigarette. This allows the people who had already switched to vaping to return back to smoking again.

The situation of cigarettes ‘rolling back’ is likely to make the government’s huge cost which invested in tobacco control was in vain. Joe Norshra believes that US public health officials did not promptly promote the harm reduction and smoking cessation effect of e-cigarettes, and let the e-cigarette continued to be ‘demonized’, this trend is very ‘sad’.