The right juice will lighten your whole vaping experience such as your soul mate will perfect your life. But how to choose the right juice is a hard question to all the beginners. There are variable kinds of e-juice as many as you can imagine. The flavor can be fruity, food, drinks and of course tobacco blends. Different PG and VG ratio and different nicotine strength also make you feel confused.

Don’t worry, let’s have a detail introduction of how to choose the right juice.


-What is e-juice?-

Before we choose, we firstly need to know what e-juice is.

E-juice is 95% VG and PG. VG means vegetable glycerin and PG means propylene glycol. The other 5% is flavoring essence and nicotine (optional). The percentages of every ingredient can vary and your vaping feeling will vary along with them.



PG can provide you more flavor, but less vapor. PG has a bit more throat hit than VG. If you would like to get a throat hit when vaping, you can choose higher PG ratio.

Use a high PG e-liquid can bring you stealth vaping. High PG e-liquids produce very little vapor but more flavor, it’s better for you to keep vaping.

As a beginner vaper, choosing an e-liquid with higher PG ratio will make the transition from smoking to vaping smoother, as the vaping experience is similar to smoking.



VG is more viscous and has a little sweet taste – thus muting the flavor somewhat – but produces much bigger clouds of vapor.

If you prefer smooth and intense flavor, you may need high VG e-liquid. It can produce more vapor and at the meantime a smoother feeling.

If you are looking for cloud vaping, you can choose a high VG e-liquid. Using a high VG e-liquid can let you produce large vapor. Lots of popular vapers take part in vape competitions would like to choose high VG eliquid as they need more vapor to play vape tricks such as blow vape rings and so on. E-liquids with higher VG can bring you  smoother taste and massive vapor.


◆Nicotine strength

Nicotine levels come in various strengths:
Low: 6mg and below – For light smokers who go through half a pack or less per day.
Medium: 9mg to 16mg – For average smokers who consume half a pack to one pack a day.
High: 18mg to 36mg – For heavy smokers who consume more than one pack a day.

Use high nicotine strength can bring you more throat hit. It’s similar to smoking a cigarette.

You need to getting the right nicotine strength as too little or too much will both bring you bad feeling. You may not satisfied from too little nicotine strength while too much may make you feel dizzy or choke. It’s better for you to choose the medium strength as your first attempt, then adjust according to your own likes.

-MTL tank VS DTL tank-

MTL tank and DTL tank are two major kinds of tank in vaping market.

MTL tank: An MTL(mouth to lung)tank is one that is quite similar to a cigarette. The vapor is taken into the mouth and then inhaled into the lungs, almost the same way you would do with a cigarette. It means that you can safely use high PG ratio juice with MTL tanks. High PG juice can bring you a wonderful time with M2L tanks while high VG juices will have a hard time with M2L tanks as juice are very thick and viscous.

DTL tank: A DTL (direct to lung) tank is more like breathing directly into the lungs. The feeling is totally different from the normal cigarette. Use a DTL tank, you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs and bypass your mouth. What kind of e-juice are suitable for DTL tank? Definitely higher VG juice are suitable for DTL tanks as high VG juice can produce more vapor. If you use high PG juice, the vapor may choke you.


If you are looking for a feeling which is similar to smoking, then it’s better to choose the high PG juice for your vape tank to get the better throat hit.

If you are prefer to enjoy massive vapor than enjoy the nicotine, then High VG juice is suitable for you and also the DTL tanks.

If you are addicted to nicotine hit, you want it to be available as fast as possible, then your best choice is nicotine salts and don’t forget to used it in the pod system which can give you better nicotine hit.


In the end, if your ejuice can provide you enjoyment and satisfaction, that is your right choice. Even if other people think that’s not good for vaping that way.

So the best way to choose the right juice is try different juice first before you make a purchase. When you purchase from a retail store, almost every store can offer ejuice for customers to try. If you purchase online, yes you can’t test flavors directly, but you can purchase special “tester packs.” There are different flavors in tester packs for you to try and choose. You can choose different nicotine strengths as well to make sure you can find the right nicotine strengths for yourselves.


It may spend you some time on finding the flavors, nicotine strength, and PG/VG ratio that are most suitable for you. But it’s worthy to try different juice to find the right juice to maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction.