How does vaping work.

In a long period after the invention of electronic cigarettes, the atomization of vaping is carried out by winding metal coils around oil cotton, heating the electric wire and then heating the oil cotton, to make the e-liquid nebulization to smog that can be vaping.

Why does my vape taste burnt

In this stage of heating and atomizing with coil-heated oil-conducting cotton, the use experience of electronic cigarettes products is relatively poor and really very inconvenient.

It is easy to cause carbonization of the oil conducting cotton, or the carbonization of VG and flavor components contained in the E-liquid oil on the heating wire.

Some of the flavors essential components used in E-liquid are easy to produce carbonized substances during heating, which is the main reason the main cause of coil darkening and cotton discoloration. At the same time, the reflux of condensate in the inner wall of the atomizer will aggravate the formation of coke deposit.

Although these problems have been gradually improved with the gradual development and evolution of the heating atomization technology, such as the using convenience of electronic cigarettes product use has been gradually improved, the problem of dry burning caused by direct heating of oil-conducting cotton by heating wire has not been truly eradicated.


Heating atomization is the core issue

After all, the root of its drawbacks lies in the way of heating atomization.

Whatever the convenience improvement of new products for generations updates, the way to transmit heat to heating wire is still by the cotton core, conducting heat to soak into oil-conducting cotton, and heating method is still heating wire contacts oil-conducting cotton directly.

Even though all kinds of electronic cigarette products are publicizing the restriction and stability control of the output voltage of heating wire in electronic cigarette products under the fixed resistance mode, some manufacturers have specially studied and applied the special voltage stabilizer chip (DNA) for this purpose. But in fact, it has not fundamentally solved the root problem.

Even the latest Voopoo product, VINCI, which so-called a really latest evolution of the vaping product, also using the way of coil with wire to heat a core oil-conducting cotton.

In the evolution process of e-cigarette products as an electronic nicotine delivery system, after the heating wire heating atomization mode was used on the original e-cigarette products, the real innovation actually appeared twice, one was the heating atomization mode of metal framework ceramic core, and the other was the ultrasonic atomization mode.

How does the Usonicig vaping working?

The key to Usonicig’s principle of ultrasonic atomization is to use customized ultrasonic atomization chips with core patents.

With this kind of ultrasonic chip, electric energy converts into ultra-high frequency ultrasonic vibration, then through non-contact of ultra-close mechanical wave, the surface of E-liquid on oil-conducting cotton will impacted by ultra-high frequency acoustic wave.

by this way the E-liquid is atomized into uniform particles of 1um to 5um at room temperature. Complete the non-heating atomization process, and eventually convert the E-liquid into saturated smog vapor.

Applied with a customized ultrasonic vaping chip, our devices use ultrasonic super-high frequency vibration to hit the surface of e-liquid molecule, making it magnify and split, and finally be atomized into very smooth vapour.

In the process of atomization, the E-liquid is separated into tiny particles by the vibration of ultra-close ultrasonic mechanical wave, and then atomized into uniform small oil droplets. During this relatively low temperature (around 160 degrees Celsius) atomization process, to compare with the fume generated by heating wire, the smoke produced by ultrasonic atomization is more uniform, delicate and low temperature, so the impurities produced during heating filament are more scarce.

Lower atomization temperatures can significantly reduce the potential chemical reactions, that is, almost do not cause more chemical decomposition in the original E-liquid.

Therefore, compared with other electronic cigarette products, Usonicig’s ultrasonic atomization electronic cigarette products may be the best electronic cigarette products you can buy, completely eliminate the unpleasant taste of electronic cigarette tar paste, more perfect with nicotine salt vaping.