If you are a heavy smoker, you may have experienced many failures to quit smoking, but have you ever thought about changing a simple and healthy way of smoking without quit smoking?yes,you can choose vape device to replace tobacco, For an E-cigarette newbie, how to choose a simple and convenient e-cigarette is pretty important, if you just want to take a sip of smoke during leisure time or when the cravings are coming. Then it is recommended that you choose the latest Pod System Vape Starter Kit in 2019. As we all know, the latest generation of products means a better experience,a more perfect function. If at the same price, we will definitely choose iPhone8, instead of Iphone7 or iphone6. well, then let’s take a look at the latest Pod System style starter kit in 2019?

pod model SWIS from IPHA1. The pod model SWIS from IPHA Company uses a unique stainless steel housing structure with a pre-filled replaceable Pod cartridge system,equipped with a battery capacity of 300mah, a cartridge capacity of 0.7ml, a charging mode for USB charging, and an atomizer resistance of 1.4 ohm, stylish in design, comfortable to handle and easy to operate.

Vaporesso's Nexus AIO starter kit2.Vaporesso’s Nexus AIO starter kit is also a pod system ,small volume, cute appearance vaping device best match nicotine salt oil. It uses CCELL atomized core, which is the unique atomization technology of vaporesso. At the same time, the atomization coil can be dismantled and replaced, the battery charging time is shortened to 40min, the built-in 650mAh battery maintain the use time longer with a full charging.the size is only 85.7 x 34 x 17mm, very small body , and easy to carry.

Nord Pod kit designed by SMOK3.By the way,Nord Pod kit designed by SMOK company, this is an updated version of the previous generation SMOK Novo Kit. The battery is a built-in 650mAh battery with a charging time of 40 min. The atomizing core is also Nexus CCELL with a resistance of 1.0 ohm. The appearance of this product is also quite exquisite, the parameters are very close to Vaporesso’s Nexus kit, only the taste will be different.

Oukitel Nano Pod Starter Kit4.Oukitel Nano Pod Starter Kit, this is a chic, clearly designed starter kit with a power of 400mah capacity. It adopts 3D mirror surface treatment technology to give a very smooth baby skin feel, while the product color is gradient, new fingerprint avoid design and the cobblestone shape of the integrated casting process gives a very strong visual impact, bringing you the fun of playing cobblestones and picking up shells.

ZIP from Usonicig5. A new pod system kit called ZIP from Usonicig company,which is impressed by their pioneered Ultrasonic Vaping Technology,a symbol of no coil,no burnt smell and no dry hits, makes the vaping method healthier. you can hold it in your shirt pocket with portable size. mouthpiece o of usonicig zip continues the duck-billed design and magnetic type cartridges,Especially its oil-filling system adopts Top-Rotate Filling Design.Now it is time to say goodbye to mess filling forever and oil leakage, E-juice injection just become so easily.What matters most of vapers is about its best flavour with nicotine salts and higher CBD bioavailability,sure to go beyond your imagination.

Best Pod System Starter Kit of 2019If we remain inveterate smokers, it is only because we have so often experienced the frustration that results from failure,Meanwhile each time we failed in our quit attempt, we felt guilty and weak and unsure of our ability to overcome such difficult hurdles,Now selecting these above tobacco replacements can make you stay away with unnecessary frustrations and hurdles.