A lot of smokers are seeking for smoking transition but not all of the ways can help. Vaping has been widely recognized as a good alternative to smoking and has become increasingly popular every year. But before getting hands on vapes, people will need to know what vaping is and how they can help. Best Vapes for Beginners and Smokers in 2019
What is vaping?
Vaping has been designed to simulate the smoking experience while reducing the harmful effects of it. That being said, vaping can offer a similar way of nicotine intake within control while avoiding the toxic odors and second-hand smoke. Because there is no heated tobacco. Thus it will not produce carbon monoxide and tar. Generally, vape kits usually consists of vape mods, vape tanks, vape pens, vape starter kits, etc. Vape starter kits definitely come as the prime option beginner vapers or smokers as it is easy to use. Vape starter kits have everything fully loaded so that people can enjoy it without hassle. Of course, the best vapes for beginners and smokers should be of good quality while offering an affordable price. Here below is list of recommended vapes which has been tested.

Drag nano pod kitDrag nano pod kit-Usonicig
Aesthetic design
Long-lasting battery
Innovative, easy to use, easy to refill

The e-liquid capacity is not enough
Only one pod is included
Can’t see the e-liquid level well

The pod kit is light version of a Voopoo Drag. So the whole pod design inherit perfectly from the former box mod. The draw on the pod is nice because its use of Gene Pod Chip. Though the ejuice capacity is only 1ml which is far from desired. It can even last long enough plus the 750mAh battery. The cold boot mode is said to give out the fantastic flavor which means each puff can keep as good as the first puff. If you are pursuers of VOOPOO design, you can have a try of their newline pod mods.

Vaporesso Aurora PlayVaporesso Aurora Play- Usonicig
Unique look
Nice juice window which shows the e-liquid level
Easy to use
Good flavor

The Press-to-Fill design requires proper bottle tops

The Zippo style pod system has a lot innovations in it. Except from the well-made exterior, it also boasts press-to-fill design which makes the filling very simple. Though leakage might happen if you use improper bottle tops. The Aurora Play offers three power settings so that there is not much priming time. This is MTL device is suitable for nic-salt consumption. The device can give a decent vapor output. The use of CCELL coils contributes to its performance with high-VG ejuices. It’s worth to try this innovative pod system.

Aspire AVP AIO Pod SystemAspire AVP AIO Pod System- Usonicig
Good build quality
Quite pocketable
Good battery life
Nice flavor

Airflow is not adjustable
The ejuice level can not be seen

The Aspire AVP AIO has quality touch to it. The design is very stylish coming with zin-alloy material and carbon fiber-like panels. The device can be adjusted to 3 wattage settings as 8w, 10w, and 12w. It can give plenty of options for vaping preferences. Meanwhile, the wattage can remain constant. The 1.2 ohm nichrome being used makes it perfectly suitable for high resistance, mouth-to-lung vaping. Overall, AVP is a powerful on-the-go device.

Geekvape Frenzy Pod SystemGeekvape Frenzy Pod System- Usonicig
Sleek design
MTL&DL coils
Temperature control
Airflow adjustment
Simple to use

Built-in drip tip
Bottom filling

The Frenzy kit comes with one pod and two coil head, 0.7ohm and 1.2ohm respectively. Those who want to fully flavor MTL hot can choose 1.2 ohm coils while those who seek big clouds can choose 0.7-ohm coils. What’s more, the AS Micro Chipset can detect coils inside and automatically adjust the modes. Another asset is the large battery which is 950 mAh. The bottom-filling design can be inconvenient though. The Frenzy kit will be suited to those looking for a nearly perfect pocket friendly little pod device.

Reasonably priced
Large battery capacity
Multiple automatic protections

Slight tank leakage

It bears a decent quality and feels weighty. However, it’s also perfect on-the-go with its small size. The battery life is quite long enough though. The mouthpiece is comfortable to hold in your mouth. What’s more, the refillable pod allows you to have whatever ejuices you like. There is 1000 mAh built-in battery with a power output range of 10-15w. You are able to see how much power is left through the LED battery life indicator. It’s a good reminder for you of when to recharge. The pod capacity is 3ml. SMOK Nord can be a good choice if you’re looking for affordable and durable starter kits.

Pioneering Ultrasonic Vaping Technology
Convenient TRF(Top-Rotate filling) design
Long-lasting pod as long as 5000 puffs each
Great for nic salts
Great flavor

The kit only comes with one pod

The USONICIG has blazed a new trail in the vaping industry by bringing out an ultrasonic vape device-ZIP kit. It’s particularly designed for MTL vapers. The technology helps smokers and beginner vapers by making vaping more enjoyable and healthier. There is ultrasonic chip inside which vibrates and vaporize the e-liquid instead of heating. Thus the ejuice can be vaporized into much smaller particles which will do less harm to human body. What’ s more, the molecule will not be broken so that the taste can be much pure. It works especially great with nic salts. Even though the device adopts the very lastest technology, the device is still a budget option because each pod can last about 5000 puffs. The coil-less idea does bring vaper a lot benefits. The ZIP kits cover five colors. If you’re looking for an innovative yet practical device, USONICIG ZIP can be your choice.