If you are a vaper, you must know how popular JUUL had been. JUUL had been one of the most popluar e-cig in the United State. Nicotine salt is firstly discovered by JUUL and used into one time cartridges. The compact appearance, easy usage and the wonderful flavor make JUUL soon become vapers’ favourite. Whatever, lots of pod kit launch and most of them are very useful and attractive. Vapers have more choices instead of using JUUL.

Here are several choices for JUUL alternative:
1. SMOK NOVO X Pod Kit

JUUL alternative
SMOK NOVO series has already got several pod kits before like NOVO, NOVO 2 which got reputation among vapers. In the same way, NOVO X is exquisite and high qualified as well. It has 800mAh battery, 2mL pod capacity and 0.8ohm coil. The air-driven firing mechanism design makes it easy and safe to use. It’s your portable mate and far away to the auto-firing risk. Easily adjust power with a click, then choose the most suitable wattage for yourself. Choose some nicotine salt juice which is like JUUL pod use, fill in the NOVO X pod. You will enjoy the smooth vapor for maxium satisfaction.

2. Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

juul alternative
Uwell Caliburn G pod kit is a compact and portable pod kit which’s suitable for vaping on the go just like JUUL. Caliburn G pod kit looks like a JUUL relative pod kit but it takes replaceable coils which means you don’t need to replace the pod just replace the coils. It has 690 mAh battery capacity, 2mL pod and 0.8 ohm mesh coil. Using Caliburn G pod kit, you can hold the fire button or just inhale. Both ways work well. Whether you like MTL or RDL, you can both use the Caliburn G by put the pod in different orientation as it has two airflow options. To be a JUUL alternative, you may get more fun with Caliburn G than JUUL. And a Type-C charging port will be a plus as it can reduce the charging time.

3. MOTI PIIN PLUS Disposable Kit

MOTI PIIN PLUS is a disposable kit which can be JUUL alternative as well. It offers satisfied flavor, good vapor performance, simplicity and very competitive price. The battery capacity is 670mAh which can support about 1000 puffs. Compare with most of disposable kit, MOTI PIIN PLUS can meet most of vapers’ need for all day vaping. This kit provide pure taste by using the polymer cotton which has excellent absorptivity of eliquid. Multiple flavors are available to meet different likes. In addition, the exquisite surface design and high quality material made it perfectly fit your palm. Much easier usage than JUUL wins lots of beginners’ favor.

4. Vaporesso XTRA Pod Kit

From the side of appearance, Vaporesso XTRA pod kit doesn’t look like a pod kit in traditional definition. But it’s still light and easy to use. By using upgraded cotton material, this pod kit brings you authentic and smooth flavor which can satisfied you to the maximum extent. 900mAh battery can last for a whole day’s vaping in usual situation. The ergonomic design together with excellent metal surface material let you enjoy every second with the kit in your hand. What’s more, you can choose MTL coil or DL coil depend on your likes at the moment. Refill the pod to change the flavor you want, it can be a very practical JUUL alternative.


juul alternative
The USONICIG CHIC is a revolutionary pod kit which adopts ultrasonic vaping technology. It vibrates the eliquid at 3,000,000 times per second to hit the surface of e-liquid molecules to change the eliquid to vapour. Without any coils, so heating will not exist in any USONICIG kits. In this way, the nicotine can be kept more complete and delivered more efficiently. Moreover, this technology brings purer flavor without any burnt taste ever so you can use a pod from the beginning to the last puff. No eliquid will be wasted.
CHIC is first refilled pod kit designed by USONICIG. No bother on choosing the suitable eliquid for ultrasonic vaping devices. USONICIG just prepare all the thing you need for vaping. What you need to do is just vape and enjoy.

What is Pod VAPE?

juul alternative
A pod vape refers to a vape by using pod system. A pod system is small, light and easy to use. A pod system can be divided into two types: the refilled pod system and prefilled pod system. The refilled pod system means that you can refill eliquid into the pod once you use up it. Prefilled pod system means you cannot refill eliquid into the pod. Once you use up the pod, you need to install a new pod to the device. Usually the pod system can be used easily, just take a drag on, it will automatically be activated. Some pod systems have just one button to activate and inactivate the pod system.
All in all, they are suitable for daily life and bring you simplicity and convenience.

How to Use A Pod System
It’s really easy to use a pod system. Usually you only need two steps:
Step 1: Put the pod on the device
Step 2: Inhale
But we also have any other types of pod systems. The refillable pod system need you to fill eliquid into the pod and then put it on the device. The pod system with a button need you to press the button while you vape. Whatever, pod systems are still very easy to use. The only thing you need to notice is when to replace the pod or the coil. The refillable pod may need to replace the coil while you use for some time. It depends on how often you use it. The prefilled pod system need to replace a new pod while you use up the old one. Don’t use it any more if you find discoloration on the pod or the burnt taste.

Advantages of Pod Vapes
Just like other vaping devices, pod systems can be very good alternatives to tobacco as well, even better. Pod systems are simpler than most of vaping devices. Therefore, it’s very good to start your vaping with a pod system. Not only ex-smokers but also new vapers can quickly know how to use a pod system. You will not be disturbed by complicated technical functions. Furthermore, you can enjoy different flavor easily and a great nicotine salts vaping experience. Less eliquid cost in a day is another benefit of pod vapes. It’s another way to save your money.