Many people use meme on the internet. We can see them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or forum, even daily chat. Meme spread rapidly on the internet. Why people love meme? Sometimes we want to express things that are hard to describe in words; a meme could help. You will be understood clearly without a detailed description. They can transmit your meaning more vividly than words.


What’s a meme?

A meme is a picture or a gif express a kind of feeling or thought with humor. Meme always has a topic, for fun, for irony, or for particular audiences. The series usually become a topic; Game of Thrones is one of the most popular.

vape meme

Development of meme

Initially, a meme is a picture with a piece of text. It’s pretty easy to make one. The forms become diverse: two unrelated things on a meme because they look like each other, even appear comic strip. In recent years, people seem to prefer to use animal meme.


Vape meme

With the development of vape, more and more vapers create their meme to show vape things. If you search the tag vape meme on Instagram, more than 60k posts will be displayed. We can’t tell which ones are the funniest or the best. To make this list, we found the most frequently used meme.

Vape meme

Where to find more meme?

Social media is always a right good choice. In addition to meme, a famous account on Instagram; some brand accounts like Usonicig also post many hilarious meme. By the way, my option is collecting meme that my friends sent to me when we cheat.

9gag is the most popular meme website; it also has an Instagram account. If you want to be fashionable, use meme on it.

Me. Me, I recommend this one because it’s friendly to users; enter the keywords and get all meme about it.


Sense of humor is affected by factors such as experience and age. What others find funny may not impress you. It’s almost impossible to make a list that everyone likes because we all have our own opinion. Even if only one meme makes you happy, then this list is valuable.