When Rip announced he stopped doing vape reviews, he mentioned that the future of vaping is DIY; POD vape and the disposable kit is destroying the vaping industry. About this, I have a different opinion. Build coil gives you something to do when you get bored, but imagine it if you are very busy or need nicotine urgently, will you spend at least 10 minutes on building coil? I have to admit that rebuildable atomizer provides something that the vape pod system doesn’t have. Some people can build a coil to adapt their needs, that’s fantastic. There are also some vapers, they are not interested in DIY or just lack of time, then a pod system vape would be a great choice. How to make an informed choice? Is the one in your shopping cart the best pod vape? You may need some recommendations.

best refillable pod system

Uwell Caliburn & Uwell Caliburn KoKo

The most recommended pod on forums is Uwell Caliburn / Caliburn KoKo. Some reviews say they can be Juul Alternatives, even better. From the parameter point of view, Caliburn and KoKo seem to be the same pod in different shapes. But I think KoKo is better than Caliburn. Caliburn has a problem on the fire button. As an upgrade version, Uwell makes KoKo a draw-activated pod, when the air is inhaled, the pod can automatically work. Besides, you can put it free into pocket or bag without worrying about auto-firing. The performance keeps stable, KoKo is thought to be the best refillable pod system for now. Its vapour is a little massive than Caliburn; also the taste is better.

best vape pod system

Freemax Max Pod

The most popular product from Freemax is Fireluke tank, the first mesh coil sub-ohm tank. Their technology team prepared the pod with mesh coil for three years. Last month, they launched the first pod, Maxpod. It looks really like SMOK Nord, but the colours are brighter. A draw-activated device comes with two mesh coils, 1.0ohm and 1.5ohm. These two are designed for strong nicotine e-liquid. If you are a big fan of nicotine salt, this one will suit you. I personally like the flavour produced by 1.5ohm. But I won’t support the design of the cartridge; the colour is too dark to see the level of e-liquid.

best pod system vape kit

Vaporesso Osmall

Honestly, the first time I got this pod, it didn’t attract me because of the appearance. But if I have to take a pod to the outside, I will choose Osmall no doubt! Osmall is the lightest pod I have ever tested, only 26g. Sometimes you might forget that you bring it with you since you can’t feel its weight. Battery capacity is the fatal disadvantage, 350mAh can’t last a whole day. The side fill method is a little messy. It’s still the best refillable pod system for the price.

best pod vape

Voopoo Vinci

Strictly speaking, Vinci shouldn’t be in a best pod vape list. Vinci is not a pod; it can be selected as one of the best pod mods. What’s pod mod? Brief, it’s a mod system without tank. We install a replacement pod on mod instead of rebuildable atomizer. It retains fire button, large screen, airflow and almost everything you can find on a mod. As a pod mod, it’s portable, which means it possesses a relatively compact size. Compared with the traditional pod, it provides large capacity and long battery life.

best pod vape of 2020All of them are the best refilled pod vape kit of 2020; To be a complete list of best pod vape there should be a pre-filled. It is more convenient than the refilled pod. It doesn’t require several minutes for saturation after filling. I can use it as soon as I change the pod. If I go for a long trip, a few replacement pods are enough, no need to take bottles of e-juice. A leak will never occur to the pre-filled pod; I carry it in my pocket without an issue. Here comes Chic from Usonicig, this is the first pre-filled ultrasonic vaping starter kit. It has 4 flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Icy Watermelon, Cucumber. Good tobacco is hard to find in pods, but this one is amazing. It’s the tobacco flavor that I was longing for. If you have a passion for tobacco flavor, you won’t want to miss Chic.

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