While a lot, many on the forum have been asking about the best coils for flavor. More goes into taste than just coils. Some other factors include e-juice, power, airflow, coil build, device, etc. To maximize the flavor from an e-cigarette, here are some tips for you.

Various devices vary in their settings. It would help if you experimented to find the perfect setting for flavor.

The atomizer is an essential part of the flavor. It will influence just how much flavor can be obtained from the device.

Closing off the airflow can be of excellent help. Select smaller sized bore coils and lower sized chambers where possible to complement the restricted air.

Choosing higher-PG juice will typically result in a much better flavor. A 50/50 proportion is ideal for most vapers. This still offers excellent taste, with exceptional vapor production as well as a controllable throat hit.

Organic cotton rounds made use of the essential choice, and Japanese organic cotton is the most extensively recommended one. It can provide great taste from the e-juice and also has beautiful abilities. An additional preferred one is a ceramic wick. It is known for its resistance to heat, which makes it last much longer. It can provide fantastic taste. There is a new type of coil in the last few years, ultrasonic ceramic chip. It vaporizes e-liquid into vapor by ultrasonic technology.

Choose options with under-coil airflow holes over those with side airflows each time.

Thinner drip tips do enhance flavor. If you get a tank or atomizer coming with a wide-bore drip tip, try switching it for a narrower-bore one to improve your taste.

Juices taste better from fresh wicks, coils as well as tanks. Periodically rinsing pre-made atomizer heads prolongs their life-span and also enhances the flavor.

The juice’s flavor seems to lose its punch after extended usage, and you could also struggle to delight in various other similar-tasting liquids. It’s suggested to scent fresh coffee beans, drinks water, and even have a lemon to reset your taste buds and defeat the vaper’s tongue.

Correctly keeping your e-liquid is essential, since the flavorings can degrade with inadequate storage.

Which coil is the best for flavor?

The aroma is an essential index in the selection of tank and also one of the crucial reasons that people turn to vape e-cigarettes. There are many atomizers on the market that are designed for flavor. To find the best tank for flavor, we spent several months testing more than 30 atomizers. Finally, find four tanks that probably fit you.

Zeus X – GeekVape

If I can only choose one RTA, then I will pick this one. In my opinion, Zeus X is the best RTA in recent years. It is superior to other RTA in every aspect.

I have to admit that after the success of two Zeus, Geekvape found the key. They pushed the third generation Zeus to a new height. All the characteristics of the first two generations that are popular with consumers have been retained, while the third generation has also been added with a different appearance. The design of the base lays stress on comfort and facility. You can install one or two coils on the base according to your needs. Big airflow on the top of atomizer helps produce more vapor while taking into account the excellent taste. Plenty of air offers the possibility to MTL. The atomization effect is impressive, and the taste is significantly better than the previous two generations. This tank is suitable for a variety of people. But the amount of cotton is challenging to master, and I suggest beginners not to use this atomizer. About the tank for beginners, we will talk about it later.


This one appears in almost all the lists of best RTA for flavor. Let’s see why it is so popular.

If this is your first time to use RTA, Gear is the right choice.

Gear RTA is simple-to-use and moderate in price. It’s easy to install doesn’t require too many skills. Even if you are not an expert in coil building can also use this RTA. You’ll feel intense vapor and rich flavor from the first buff. However, the rich taste makes it consume e-liquid faster than other tanks. There are always complaints about its capacity. Yes, the capacity of 3ml is too small for RTA, but that’s also why it is capable of offering you incredible flavor. Besides, I don’t mind refilling the tank often; hence it doesn’t make a real disadvantage for me.

Falcon KING – Horizontech

Horizontech Falcon has occupied a place in the sub-ohm atomizer market thanks to its anti-fouling properties. The advent of Falcon king stabilized the position of this series in the market. Stainless steel base with a diameter of 25.4 mm can be installed with two different coils, M Dual and M1+ Mesh coil. Its materials rate a mention, bamboo fibers. Previous coils made by falcon are suitable for this tank. The bulb glass can be injected up to 6 ml of e-liquid, so you can enjoy vaping without worrying about the lack of e-liquid. The fill port at the top is large, which means it’s easy to fill even with a 100ml bottle.

Falcon KING is the best sub-ohm tank for flavor! Bamboo fibers can better concentrate the aroma, and the narrow air inlets at the bottom produce massive clouds. This tank gives you fantastic flavor and vapor at one time.

Two coils work well with the most of PG and VG e-liquid, however, I prefer the M-Dual 0.38ohm coil at 80w. It is firmer and gives more flavor than M1+ Mesh Coil.

Zip pod – Usonicig

Several flavor chasers love to build their very own coil. Rebuildable coils supply a degree of personalization over your vaping experience you can’t get with any other devices. There are lots of details coils for you to try to optimize your flavors, such as Alien, Clapton, the Tiger Coil, Hive Coil, etc. But how can I get a peculiar and robust fragrance if I don’t know how to build coil?

Here comes Zip pod from Usonicig, you don’t need to build coil for this atomizer, because it doesn’t have a coil. This tank adopts Ultrasonic Vaping technology, which makes coil-less possible. For the first try, I didn’t expect that. The whole vaping experience is impressive! The ultrasonic ceramic chip maintains the e-juice molecules very well by vibrating, and the flavor is played to its full! And it can support a high proportion of PG to offer a much better taste. It doesn’t heat the e-liquid, and therefore there is no burnt taste even the last puff. I didn’t taste any flavor other than the aroma of e-liquid. As we all know, re-made coils are expensive and need to be replaced frequently. According to the research, one ultrasonic chip can last at least 5000 puffs. Excellent flavor and long-lasting, you deserve it!

I hope this blog helps you to find the best coil for flavor.