What’s Nic Salt?

Nicotine salts (also called nic salt, salt nic, salt nic juice, etc) are found in the leaves of the tobacco plant, and are used in place of traditional freebase nicotine to deliver a smoother nicotine hit when vaping。

JUUL has been a popular vape device in the e-cigarette market for a long time now. It’s not only popular across different age groups in the United States but also in many other countries. So far, JUUL has gained the significant market share of e-cigarette. With the popularity of JUUL, more and more similar pod system have emerged in the market to compete with JUUL. Let’s see some good vape devices which are suitable for Nic salts as well.

1.Aspire AVP 

The Aspire AVP is an all-in-one (AIO) pod mod device which is to deliver on flavor and throat hit. It looks almost the same as other pod mod, but actually it’s different, the Aspire AVP has adjustable wattage, which is an uncommon, but welcome feature in pod mod.

This small pod mod is 700mAh, and it has a battery indicator to let you know the electricity situation — green for full, blue for medium, and red for low battery. The pods are refillable, and it provide you two pods for change. It’s really easy to fill the pod: just take it from the device as it magnetically attached and then fill from the bottom where there is spring loaded hole.

The Aspire AVP is an automatic-draw device. Just as other pod mods, this mod has no adjustable airflow function. The resistance of the Aspire AVP is 1.2ohm and the pod is 2mL with nichrome coil. Press the button on the device two times to change different wattage — green for 12W, blue for 10W, red for 8W

This pod mod is short and small which can perfectly take it in your pocket, and at the meantime, it’s very suitable for people to take it in your hand as the light weight.

What’s more, the Aspire AVP can work with Nic salts well. Different wattages can bring different vaping experience which may let different people satisfy from vaping.


2.The Lost Vape Orion Q

The Lost Vape Orion Q is a pod system can be used as MTL and DTL pod. What’s more, this pod has adjustable airflow, you can choose vape loose or tight for your individual like. These characters of the Lost Vape Orion Q make it works well with nic salts, especially lower nicotine strength nic salts.

Fillling from top is also a plus. You don’t need to take the pod out of the device and upside down the device. Just twist off the cap which’s next to the drip tip, then you can find a wide filling port. Both the bottle tip and glass dropper can perfectly be used in filling the juice to the device.

Another advantage of this device is how to change the pod. There is a slide off button you can hold it like a handheld radio to slide down to lift off the pod, then simply change a new one.

Why not try the Lost Vape Orion with Nic salts as a good JUUL alternative?


3. SMOK Nord Pod System

SMOK Nord is a portable pod system. Looks small but actually with a large power battery. The battery capacity is 1100mAh which means you can use it for a much longer time than other pod system.

There are three kinds of coils in the package: 0.6ohm Mesh Coil for massive vapor production, the ceramic for great flavor, or the 1.4ohm coil for the ideal MTL experience. Use Nic salts with three kinds of coils to try different vaping experience and find out the best one for yourself. And you can easily see how much e-juice left in your SMOK Nord pod system as there is a little window in the pod.

The unique design of the appearance can quickly catch people’s eyes. That’s the a best way to show your personality.


4. Vladdin RE Pod System

Vladdin RE pod system is another vape pen which may suitable for Nic salts as a JUUL alternative.

The pod is 1.5ml and also the top fill design. It’s said the top fill design of the Vladdin RE pod system is its proprietary technology. The pod has a silicone stopper to prevent ejuice from coming out. Whatever, you will like the design as it’s easy to refill your pod and it’s far away from the ejuice leakage.

The battery capacity is 350mAh which’s not too much but you can still use it for a whole day as the distribution of the power is even. The LED light can show you the battery life.

The airflow of the pod mod is tight and smooth. And the magnetic pods replacement design let you feel ease to change the pod. The pod use ceramic coil which can be used longer than other pod system. Try Nic salts with the ceramic coil and the tight and smooth airflow would be another wonderful vaping feeling. You can find what you wish for vaping here.


5. Uwell Caliburn Pod System

The Uwell Caliburn Pod System is also a lightweight vape pen. It’s another good choice of Nic salts vaping pod system.

This pod system has a larger battery capacity which is 520mAh. The indicator of the battery capacity is the LED light under the fire button. It will show you when you need to charge your device. Not like many other pod systems which are only automatically draw device, this device can not only automatically draw but also push the fire button and then to draw. You can choose the way you like.

The pod capacity is 2ml and the coil is 1.5 ohm. You can’t adjust the airflow on this device. But the good things is the device choose top fill design, just remove the drip tip and refill ejuice from the top. From the introduction of the pod system, we can know that the Uwell Caliburn Pod system adopt a Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology, which recycles airflow through the core of the atomizer to concentrate the flavor, creating a tastier vape!

The Uwell Caliburn provide 6 colors (grey, red, black, blue, pink iris, and purple) for consumers to choose as their own style. The volume is small and the material is light for you to carry. Try Uwell Caliburn, vape on!


6. Innokin EQ Pod System

The Innokin EQ Pod System looks a little bigger than other pod system as the battery capacity is 800mAh. The adjustable wattage would be a cool design for the pod system. The Innokin EQ provide the regular and boost mode which use different wattage. The output of the device is 13.5 watts and you can also choose a boost output which is 15.5 watts.

The 2mL pod is magnetic which is easy to take it out and put a new one on. The new Plexus EQ 0.5ohm mesh coil are designed for MTL pod which can bring you a tight draw, superior flavor, fast ejuice wicking and longer lifespan. You can refill ejuice from the bottom of the pod.

Featured with a simple fire button, you can quickly click three times to power the device on and off.

You can use this device with regular e-juice, and of course salt nicotine. Would highly recommend this device to those who want to try nicotine salt.


7. USONICIG ZIP Pod System

USONICIG ZIP Pod Kit, sleek and sporty appearance, brings you and your lover vibrant and energetic feeling. Adopted unique ultrasonic vaping technology, no coil or any heating system, use the ultrasonic chip to vibrate the ejuice into vapor by ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations. This technology must be the unique one during today’s e-cigarette market.

Just as the ultrasonic vaping technology, the device has no more annoying burnt taste and can keep the flavor smoother and purer. Bring you a superior vaping experience.

New top rotate filling(TRF) design simplifies the process of filling e-liquid by requiring only one step to open the mouthpiece, helping you ‘Get It Quick.’ And the design of pushing two buttons together to open the pod can prevent children for opening the pod accidently. At the meantime, the company said the pod can be used up to 5000 puffs. That’s a long time for pod system.

Try nic salts on USONICIG ZIP, you and your lover can enjoy a tastier and relax vaping time together.