Why US

Why us

Practical Innovation

We are the first and the only company using Ultrasonic Vaping Technology.
Usonicig is definitely not one more Ecigarette device after another.
We are always doing something very innovative -No ash,No coil, No burnt taste.
Our pioneered Top Rotating Design make it convenient to fill eliquid.

Practical innovation | Usonicig

Patent Technology

We patented Ultrasonic Vaping Technology in 2014,
and now we are holding more than 400 relative patents for IP protection.
Especially our own in-house E-cigarette testing lab and Cutting-edge facilities can effectively shorten
the R&D cycles and put new products on the market sooner than ever.

Patent Technology | Usonicig

Century Brand

As a subsidiary of CNTC, We bear a mission of bringing innovations and providing
healthier alternatives for adult smokers.
Millions dollars were put in Researching and Developing ,Quality Control,Producing Techniques.
and more ongoing funding and support will be coming in the future.

why choose usonicig

Reliable Quality

Usonicig is a dedicated leader in safely vaping quality products and services to our customers.
We are 100% committed to meeting the requirements of our customers and all of our key stakeholders.
All of our products are manufactured by our most powerful electronic cigarettes plants in shenzhen.