Brand Story

Brand Story

It has been nearly 15 years since e-cigarettes have entered people’s lives and become part of everyday consumption. New technologies and products have been emerging in an endless stream during this decade. Many companies have been keeping on searching for new breakthroughs in atomization technology, only to provide consumers with safer and more satisfying vape products.

Since 2014, USONICIG has begun to pay close attention to the global market of vape products. Bearing the mission of researching and developing new technology on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, we built up a professional R&D team, committed to providing healthier alternative products for adult smokers.

We have noticed that many consumers in the market are worried about the high-temperature chemical emissions of e-cigarettes, and the burnt coils that appear in most vape products have brought them a very bad vaping experience. Since then, we have decided to concentrate on solving this specific technical problem- How to get rid of the burnt coil? Instead of simply changing the heating material or re-shaping coil, we would like to find a totally new way to automizing e-liquid, and fundamentally bid farewell to dry burnt or burnt taste. In order to achieve this goal, our engineers started to trying various experiments. Day in and day out, after failing 10 times, 100 times, we slowly approached to the answer we wanted step by step.

usonicig technology team

Finally, in June 2015, inspired by an ultrasonic nebulizer, our R&D department made an encouraging breakthrough- we don’t need coils anymore. Applied with a customized ultrasonic vaping chip, our devices use ultrasonic super-high frequency vibration to hit the surface of e-liquid molecule, making it magnify and split, and finally be atomized into very smooth vapour. We finally succeeded! In the same year, we patented Ultrasonic Vaping TechnologyTM, and USONICIG was born. After four years of continuous technology optimizing, over 10 million dollars were put into research and investment, USONICIG now is holding more than 400 patents. So far, USONICIG is the only brand in the industry that uses Ultrasonic Vaping Technology, and the only brand that has truly achieved No Coil, No Burnt Taste.

In 2018, USONICIG officially unveiled this new technology to the public, by launching our first generation product-Rhythm in the UK. Once it was released, it received widespread attention in the market. For two consecutive years, USONICIG has received the Award of Outstanding Contribution to The Vape Industry from the UK’s leading vaping media Vapouround. Our customers have gradually expanded from the UK to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East.

As a new brand in the market, we pay great attention to the voice of our customers. We established an official website and several social media platforms. We extensively visited the wholesale and retail channels in various countries, and consistently pushed ourselves to make a higher standard product by listening to your feedback and suggestions. We speeded up the R&D process, enriched our product categories, and launched Rhythm(Mod), Zip(Portable Pod) series in the market to meet your personal favourites.

Since establishment, USONICIG has been committed to continuously improve and promote Ultrasonic Vaping TechnologyTM. We firmly believe this innovative technology will open up a new field in the future vaping industry and bring every vaper a perfect vaping experience.