At USONICIG, we responsibly market to adult vapers. Which is why we need to verify your age and location.
  • 1. All of your products use the Ultrasonic Vaping Technology?
    At present time,we have two items,one is usonicig zip,and another is usonicig rhythm,you can check our newly launched usonicig zip pod kit here!
  • 2. What’s the difference between Ultrasonic vaping device with Traditional vaping device?
    A. No more hot coil, makes dry hits and burn taste no longer occur.
    B. Ultrasonic vibration produces lower temperature(≈155℃/311℉) than heating(≥240℃/464℉), which effectively decreases the risk of harmful chemical emissions from high temperature or burning.
    C. The e-liquid is magnified many times through ultrasonic high frequency vibration, benefit from which much more smoother vapour and fuller flavour are provided.
  • 3. What is Ultrasonic Vaping TechnologyTM?
    Ultrasonic Vaping TechnologyTM is a new technology in vaping industry, which uses ultrasonic high frequency vibration(2,400,000 times/sec) to turn the e-liquid into vapour instead of using heating.
  • 4. Which parts cannot be replaced under the warranty terms?
    Coil, mouth piece, tank, lanyard, leather sheath cannot be replaced under the warranty terms.
  • 1. What should I do if I accidently get e-liquid into my mouth?
    Blow out all the liquid in mouthpiece, then it would be fine to use.
  • 2. Why would I get e-liquid into my mouth when I use it?
    There are mainly two reasons would cause this: A.Accidently fill the e-liquid into air holes, which are so close to the filling slots when it is open. B.The filling slots are not closed tightly when you use it.
  • 3. How to connect the pod with the battery?
    Keep the USONICIG Logo in front, and the pod will be attached easily to the battery by magnet.
  • 4. Can the air flow be adjusted?
    For current version, no.
  • 5. Does the pod need to be cleaned?
    No, it doesn’t.
  • 6. How long can one pod last?
    One pod can last about 5,000 puffs according to lab test.
  • 7. Does the pod need to be changed? When?
    Yes. After a long time of consistent working, the chip inside would be aging and become hard to maintain the right high vibration frequency. Because of which, the vapour would come out very small. And this is the time to replace it.
  • 8. What would happen if I don’t want to wait for 10 minutes, and use the pod right away after first filling?
    The device would get heat, and could possibly shut down to protect itself from dry burning. Besides, the cloud and flavor would be unsatisfied.
  • 9. How to fill the e-liquid?
    Our device applies with convenient top filling design, you can fill the e-liquid according to the steps below.
    A.Rotate the mouthpiece anticlockwise by 90° to open the filling slots.
    B.Fill the e-liquid through the filling slots. To avoid overflow, please mind the MAX line printed on pod and make sure the liquid doesn't go into the air holes on mouthpiece when you filling.
    C.Rotate the mouthpiece clockwise by 90° to close the filling slots.
    D.Wait about 10 minutes after filling a new pod, for letting the e-liquid be completely saturated by cotton.
  • 10. Is the pod refillable?
       Yes, the pod is refillable.
  • 11. What’s the pod’s max compacity for e-liquid?
  • 12. Is there any coil or cotton inside?
      There is no coil, but there is cotton to absorb and carry the e-liquid.
  • 1. Can I vape while charging?
    Yes, but we do not recommend it.
  • 2. How long does it last after a full charge?
    Depends on different people, normally it can support around 200puffs.
  • 3. How long does it take for full charge?
    About 2 hours.
  • 4. How I know when to charge?
    When there is only one white light left on the light indicator(means only 20% of battery left).
  • 5. Can I know the battery situation when I’m using the device?
    Yes. There’re 5 LED white lights on one side of the device, each of them represents 20% of the battery. So you can know the present battery according to the number of lights.
  • 6. Does the battery need to be changed?
    No, the battery is built inside the device and cannot be changed.
  • 7. What’s the battery compacity?
  • 8. What’s the wattage of Rhythm?
    There is no concept of wattage in our device. We use Ultrasonic Vaping TechnologyTM , vibration frequency is 2.4 MHz
  • 9. How to power on/off the device?
    Press the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds.
  • 1. Does it fit for nicotine salts?
    Yes, our device performs great with nicotine salts. Nicotine salt is a kind of weak acid base salt, it decomposes easily at high temperature. Ultrasonic Vaping Technology produces vapour at lower temperature which can keep nicotine salts unbroken.
  • 2. Does it fit for CBD liquid?
    Yes, our device performs perfectly with CBD liquid.
  • 3. Can I use any kind of e-liquid?
    Technically yes. But we have recommendations below:
    A.30/70 VG/PG to 50/50 VG/PG (with 0mg nicotine) for better flavor.
    B.60/40 VG/PG to 70/30 VG/PG (with higher nicotine) for better throat hit and cloud.
  • 1. Does the device has protection system?
    Yes. Our device provides multiple smart automatic protections to avoid potential risks:
    A.Short Circuit: Five white lights and Two orange lights flash 8 times within 8 seconds.
    B.Low Voltage: Orange light flashes 5 times within 5 seconds.
    C.Over Vaping: Five white lights flash 8 times within 8 seconds.
    D.Disconnect: Five white lights flash in turn twice within 4 seconds.
    E.Anti-Dry Burning: Orange light maintains 5 seconds.
    F.Over Charging: The device will automatically stop from over charging.
    G.Over Heating: The device will automatically stop working from overheat.
  • 1. What’s the material used in your device?
    The mod is made of Zinc-alloy. The pod is made of food grade PC.
  • 2. How many colors I can choose?
    There are three colors to choose:
    A.Classic Black and Orange- Passionate and Innovative;
    B.Deluxe Red- Fashionable and Elegant;
    C.Sci-Fi Silver- Mystical and Unlimited.
  • 3. Would my pets be bothered by the ultrasonic vibration sound?
    No. The vibration frequency of our device is 2.4MHz, which won’t be heard by almost all kind of pets.